Dave founded a non-profit called Lightforce One in 2018.

The mission of Lightforce One is to make lasting differences in the world where the work of the donor’s dollar will likely outlive the donor. It works to help the less fortunate of the world to become self-sufficient. He formed Lightforce One after he personally funded a well and irrigation system for an orphanage in Uganda to help them grow more food on the few acres of farmland that they had. He also has given a full scholarship to a young girl there who wants to study law. The orphanage had 500+ children in primary school split over two sites. Working with Lightforce One, they opened a 3rd site for secondary school children. We have 27 children there now. Lightforce One has also funded crops, funded a brick making project, brought electricity into one of the campuses, purchased blankets and mattresses for widows supporting the orphanage as part of a women’s empowerment group. The goal is to get this orphanage to be completely self-sufficient with projects like the brick making project, a metal fabrication project, selling crafts to the first world, etc. There are three more orphanages in line behind this one, so far, for help from Lightforce One. Dave plans to take this work worldwide.
An important core value of Lightforce One is that their work is NOT contingent on religious or political beliefs. This really separates Lightforce One form most other organizations that do this type of work. Simply put there are no strings attached and no ulterior motives.
The picture in the top right is of Dave with the founder of the orphanage that he is currently working with and Shakira, the young girl that he gave a full scholarship through secondary school and university.
Dave is passionate about spreading love, light and prosperity throughout the world.
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