Yogi Dave

Yogi Dave is the name under which Dave teaches Kundalini yoga and performs sound baths.

Dave discovered Kundalini yoga in 2016 and became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher in 2019. In Kundalini, we sometimes use gongs during savasana (a deep relaxation part of the class). Kundalinians, as he likes to call them, have an affinity for sound baths and healing. So, naturally he took an interest in the subject. He then became a certified sound healer/sound bath facilitator and now performs regularly.

A sound bath is an event where you let the healing sounds of gongs, crystal singing bowls and other such instruments wash over you

You arrive with a blanket and a pillow and you lay down, relax and take in the healing energy and vibrations from the instruments

Sound has been documented to improve both mental and physical health. The vibrations in a sound bath penetrate the body and mind, enabling a deeper connection with the soul. It aids in relaxation, stress reduction and can profoundly affect your state of mind.

Stress has been scientifically proven to cause illness. There have been university studies demonstrating the ability of sound to reduce stress. It’s been shown to help those in hospitals and even those with dementia.

Some people have spiritual experiences during sound baths, some have emotional experiences, I don’t think anybody comes out of one not at least being more relaxed.

Dave has a website for these activities located at https://yogidavebauer.com/